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Aion - researches into the phenomenology of the self

Aion - researches Into the Phenomenology of the Self

Dear friends.

Despite the global pandemic the Ship of Fools will hoist sails once more and embark upon a new alchemical exploration. Our journey through the works of C.G. Jung will continue this spring with a dive into one of his most perplexing publications; Aion; Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self.

Aion, god of the ages, in a celestial sphere decorated with zodiacal signs, between a green and a dismantled tree (summer and winter). Before him is the mother-earth Tellus (Roman Gaia) with four children, the four seasons personified

Aion revolves around the questions that already occupied Jung in Psychology and Alchemy; The relations between Alchemy, Christianity and Depth Psychology. Once again the figure of Christ takes up a central place, but this time from a different perspective as Jung seeks to understand the underlying movements, structure and dynamics of “the Self”.

The Mitraic God Aion

What Jung seeks to uncover are the deeper causes for the rise of Christianity, and of the profound influence that Christ came to exert on the western culture. This will lead us into discussions of the problem of opposites - good and evil, Christ and the Devil - the symbol of the fishes, and the significance of Alchemy; historically as well as for our own age under the aegis of Depth Psychology.

Along our way through the work we might add a text or two from other sources to supplement our reading, but initially our exploration will be limited to Jung and Aion.

We hope to be able to meet physically, but in these uncertain times you never know. So if necessary we will be meeting online. If you would like to participate please write to Nikolaj at or 26705189.


3/3 - Christ, a Symbol of the Self - p. 36-72

17/3 - The Sign of the Fishes p. 72-95

31/3 - The Historical Prophecies of Nostradamus, The Historical Significance of the Fishes and The Ambivalence of the Fish Symbol p. 95-126

14/4 - The Fish in Alchemy p. 126-154

28/4 - The Alchemical Interpretation of the Fishes p. 154-173

12/5 - Background to the Psychology of Christian Alchemical Symbolism p. 173-184

26/5 - Gnostic Symbols of the Self p.184-222

9/6 - The Structure and Dynamics of the Self - p. 222-266

23/6 - Conclusion p. 266-271

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