“You could not discover the limits of the soul (psyche), even if you travelled every road to do so; such is the depth of its meaning” 


Depth Psychology

Jungian therapy is both modest and ambitious. Modest in the sense of acknowledging that we can never know the whole “truth” about the psyche. The soul is seen as unfathomable and inexhaustible; a source of wonder that the rational mind cannot and should not try to “solve” or even “cure”. Rather, through dreams, active imagination, and symbolic work we will be concerned with listening to the mystery and what the deeper layers of our being is trying to communicate. This is why Jungian therapy is also known as "depth psychology".

The Jungian Process

As such, Jungian therapy is a process of “caring for” or “attending to” the psyche, and thus of connecting us to the dynamic and poetic ground of our being, where a more fundamental sense of resourcefulness and well-being might be (re)discovered. This is why Jungian therapy is also ambitious, in the sense of recognizing that healing, transformation, individuation, takes time and are often slow, subtle, and complex processes that unfold over time.

I welcome both long- and short-term therapy, keeping in mind that there is seldom a clever short cut when it comes to the gradual cooking and maturation of the human soul. What we are looking for is not necessarily a quick fix, so we can get back into a productive mode of being, but rather to discover the meaning and purpose in our problems. From this perspective our wounds and symptoms are not necessarily obstacles to get rid of, but can be seen as gateways and portals; invitations into greater depth and understanding, revealing sometimes unexpected paths forward in the midst of the messiness of our lives.

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